Nothing's changed

Paris Hilton isn't holding to her word about turning her life around and using her fame for good. In her post-prison interview, the heiress said she had plans to do charity work for breast cancer or MS and to open a "Paris Hilton playhouse" for sick children, but since her release she seems to only be up to her old tricks: shopping, dating, and living the good life. Hilton told E! Online this week, "I'm already working on my new record" and that she has been collaborating "for a few weeks" with producer Scott Storch. She also seems to have new beau, 21-year-old Australian clothing entrepreneur Tyler Atkins. The two were spotted snuggling at a beach party on Saturday, where the socialite snapped up thousands of dollars worth of free jewelry. Yesterday, Hilton embarked on a mega shopping spree, picking up a new surfboard, boogie board, pet toys and beds and photography books. Unless she's giving all that stuff away to charity...looks like business as usual for Hilton.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah shes totally changing her life around, total bull shows how fake she really is!!