Paris in rehearsals for singing horror flick

Producers are expected to announce the casting of Paris Hilton in Repo! The Genetic Opera, rock opera/horror film that will begin shooting in September. The futuristic flick, which is completely sung, chronicles an organ failure epidemic in 2056 that forces people to perfect genetically perfect organs from a biotech company. "The idea is that everybody is buying up organs, and they cannot afford to pay for these organs," the film's director told MTV. "Thus, legalized organ repo-men come into the picture. Murder becomes sanctioned by law. So, if you buy a heart and can't afford it, someone can burst through the door and take your heart out...and they don't get in trouble for it." I'm not sure what makes this flick a horror - the plot or the fact that Paris Hilton has a singing role. On Tuesday night, the heiress did not reveal specifics but did admit to being in rehearsals for a "very cool and unique project." "We're just in the studio," she said. "We're doing dance and singing."

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Anonymous said...

Well we are sure if Paris will do the project; it will be a classic, is tasteful, intelligent and completely modest, entertaining and safe for all audiences.