Family insider dishes on Brit

Paparazzi agency X17 claims to have spoken exclusively with a source they say is "very close" to Britney Spears and her family. The source, who called himself "Jeff," said the following:

"Britney does NOT do drugs!" - "Jeff" says the popstar is strictly against any type of drug use and against anyone involved in any type of drug use.

Britney doesn't hate her ex, Kevin Federline. He was "hardly even present during most of their marriage," said the source, but Spears would have considered staying with him for the sake of their children. "Staying with a liar just to make life easier for your children - if that's not pure devotion for your kids, then what is? Britney can get any guy she wants, it's just hard to weed out the good ones from the bad ones."

Britney is not worried about her impending custody battle. Spears knows no one around her has evidence or proof of her doing anything that would make her an unfit mother. "Anyone close to Britney knows that she's an angel when it comes to being a mom and friend."

On her family: "They have issues of their own that they need to work on. They need to quit blaming Britney," says the source, who added that Spears was forced into rehab as a result of the influence of her former manager Larry Rudolph on her family. The source also claims that staff at Promises rehab administered medication on Spears despite a record of constantly clean drug tests. Promises then quickly backed off accusations of drug and alcohol abuse and claimed postpartum depression. Spears was forced to stay in rehab because of threats from her family, managers, and officials at Promises that they would take away her children.

Why she shaved her head: After hearing from Federline that hair could be used in drug testing to pick up traces of residual drugs in the body, Spears shaved her head and begged her mom and Federline to test it (which didn't happen). Instead, her family staged an intervention in a hotel room. Spears is said to have met with attorneys over a month ago regarding legal action against Promises. "I think she certainly has a case against the rehab center. I feel what they did to her was not only cruel and embarrassing it added more ammunition aiding Kevin's eagerness for custody over her finances, whoops I mean children," said the source.

On the press: "Britney is very clever. She's a seasoned celebrity veteran, if anyone knows how the press spins stories, it's Britney," says the source. "Get it straight people, Britney doesn't go out when her kids are home!! Come on, she has shared custody there is half the week when she's not with her kids! The press needs to quit being so ignorant at times. If you had 50 cameras and cameramen hovering around you, inches away from you at all times, pushing and shoving, wardrobe malfunctions are bound to happen."

For more scoop, go to X17.


LRM216 said...

Ant to all that, I say: bull spit!

Anonymous said...

She behaves like a woman that doesn't have children, K-fed deserves custody of the kids.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much she paid "Jeff."

Anonymous said...

It's great to see another side of the story. The paparazzi suck.. a picture is not always worth a thousand words people. She is innocent 'til proven guilty and no one has proven her an unfit mother.


What a fairy tale!
She married K-Fed and got mad when he smoked pot in the house.

How does "staying with a liar" make life easier for the kids? What a bunch of bull; it was Britney who filed for the divorce.

Britney can't get any guy she wants. She could never get David Beckham. All the guys Britney can get are users and losers.

What does "constantly clean drug tests" have to do with needing medication? I guess a doctor needs to know if drugs are the cause of weird behavior. Anyway, Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Psychosis are very real medical problems that can be treated effectively with medication. Ask Brooke Sheilds or read about Andrea Yates. It is a serious condition that needs medical attention. Personally, I believe Britney has more than one problem.

If Britney had "constantly clean drug tests" why was she so upset after being told hair could be tested for drug use that she shaved her head? This is as believable as the one about why Britney attacked a car with an umbrella.

All the parents I have ever known go out and leave the kids at home.
It's a normal thing to do. I think people get down on Britney because she is seen out clubbing or going to Chris Angel's hotel room. Brit better show up at the VMA's with a hot act to wow us all just to prove she wasn't used again.

Failing to wear panties is NOT a wardrobe malfunction.

Morbid person that I am, I just can't get enough news of Britney spinning out of control. I think losing the kids will really crush her.

So sorry she is suffering and I actually like reading about it.