Garner to take Broadway

Jennifer Garner is in talks to star in a Broadway production of Cyrano de Bergerac this fall. The show will run just ten weeks, beginning in October. Garner would play opposite Kevin Kline as Roxanne, the witty, heady French socialite with whom Cyrano is secretly in love. Antonio Banderas is reportedly one of the production's financiers.


Anonymous said...

Who cares!!!

Anonymous said...

Did Manliffer actually read the play ? First, Roxanne is witty, Manliffer definitely looks like a simpleton. Just look at her moronic expression when she laughs ! Also, Roxanne doesn't look like a cross betwenn a horse and Stallone. Finally, the play is in verse, you have to actually be a good actor to pull that kind of play off !

Anonymous said...

Her face bothers me to the extreme. Someone shove something in that big fat mouth, and make her go away forever.