Gwen to tone down show for Muslims

Gwen Stefani has agreed to respect local customs and not wear revealing costumes for her upcoming concert in Malaysia. After protests from Muslim students about her sexy outfits, the show's producer said Stefani will follow the local code of ethics for foreign artists, which says female artists must cover up from the to top of the chest to the knees including the shoulders. No jumping, shouting, hugging, kissing or throwing of objects on stage or at the audience is allowed. The National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students, which counts 10,000 members, say Stefani's standard show clashes with Islamic values. "Her performance and her attire are not suitable for our culture. It promotes a certain degree of obscenity and will encourage youth to emulate the western lifestyle," said the union's president. "The concert should be stopped." senior official of the country's Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry said the concert will go on but that enforcement officers would meet with Stefani beforehand to remind her of local guidelines and monitor her show: "There is no problem so far. [The promoter] has told us what clothes she will wear for the concert."


Anonymous said...

do you really believe any of these "artists" would pander to a fundametalist christian communities' standards? of course not. so ask yourself, why are they doing this for extremist muslim audiences?

Anonymous said...

hahaha are you serious with your comment? yeah i guess the world is anti fundimental christians and for fundimental muslims. and this incident withe gwen stefani TOTALLY proves that... your such a freak