Another celeb could face jail time

Michelle Rodriguez has failed to fulfill the terms of her probation in a DUI case and may face jail time, the LA City Attorney's office announced yesterday. "She hasn't shown proof of completion of her 30 days of community service," said a city spokesperson. "She could face jail time, but it's up to the judge." The City Attorney's office alleges that Rodriguez turned in a false document showing that she'd completed one day of service on September 25, court filings show. However, the actress later stated that she was in New York on that date. On Friday afternoon, Rodriguez arrived at the court for a hearing on the matter, looking somber and accompanied by her lawyer, who successfully asked the judge to postpone Friday's hearing to Oct. 12. Rodriguez was scolded by the Superior Court judge, who ordered her to complete two days of road cleanup duty for the California Department of Transportation. Outside the court, the Lost alum's attorney said, "We believe this is all due to a clerical error. My client did complete the full 30 days." In May 2006, Rodriguez served only four hours and 20 minutes of a two month sentence at the Lynwood, California, jail for violating probation stemming from a DUI arrest in Hawaii.


Deb said...

Shes always drunk! Give her a reality check already.

Anonymous said...

She's got her hands in her pockets to hide her erection!