Britney's quick Vegas club appearance

Britney Spears made a brief appearance at the grand opening of Luxor's LAX nightclub in Vegas last night. With her new song Gimme More blasting, Spears showed up just after midnight as the celebrity host of the club's grand opening. "How you guys feeling? Let's have a good night," she told the crowd from a platform above the DJ booth. Wearing a short dress, a white fedora hat and oversize red sunglasses, the popstar spent about 20 minutes in the VIP area at a table next to magician Criss Angel, who's helping her shape her upcoming VMA performance. At one point, she took Angel's red lollipop out of his mouth and put it in hers. She then headed to the ultra-private Noir Bar next to the club. "She didn't really do anything in there," said a source. "It looked like she was...hanging with her girlfriends." After an hour at the Noir Bar, Spears returned to LAX and was rejoined by Angel, who danced with her and took off one of his necklaces to put around her neck. Twenty minutes later they left for the Noir Bar together. In all, Spears spent about 40 minutes in two shifts at LAX for her much-advertised hosting gig, all of it in the VIP area.

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she is a cute girl!