Gwyneth's mom saddened by news of Owen Wilson

Blythe Danner - veteran actress and mother to Gwyneth Paltrow - was heartbroken by the news of Owen Wilson's attempted suicide last month. "It was heartbreaking to hear. This is such a tough business and here he is at the pinnacle so you wonder how this happened," Danner said. "We just send him the best and loving wishes for good health." Danner, speaking at a Save the Children benefit dinner on Thursday at NYC's Lincoln Center, feels that professional pressure is a real burden. "It's a very delicate thing when you are in that position and I think it's tough. I was very sad when I heard the news," she said. Paltrow once dated Luke Wilson and co-starred with the brothers in The Royal Tenenbaums, while Danner appeared with Owen in Meet the Parents and its sequel. "He just kind of breezed in and breezed out for Meet the Parents - he was only there for one day and for Fockers he was a fine fettle," said Danner. "[It's] very sad because I know his parents a little bit. I've met them and Luke and they've been so wonderful to us and anytime that happens, your heart goes out to them."

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