Has Heath already moved on?

Heath Ledger isn't letting any grass grow under his feet. Just a week after announcing his split from Michelle Williams, Ledger has reportedly been squiring ex-model Helena Christensen all over town. Tuesday night, the two were at Wakiya in NYC "making out throughout the dinner," said a spy. Acting like a good boyfriend, Ledger allegedly even "held her bag for her as she did interviews." The two then went to the afterparty for the movie Eastern Promises at the SoHo Grand, and ended up at the Spotted Pig.

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Anonymous said...

Heath is just friends with Helena Christensen, and also with Kate Bosworth, who he's been seen dining lately. Helena shot the One Org campaign, which Heath and Michelle took part in, and he knew her from before that, as his Aussie girlfriend Christina Cauchi was a model and lived with him in New York for a while back 2000 in the East (or West?) Village. He's also met her many times at parties before. Kate was Orlando Bloom's girlfriend and therefore Heath knows her well as he is very good friends with Orlando. Maybe they were talking about Orlando, who knows, but Kate has a good looking boyfriend anyway and I doubt that she would date Heath.

The rumor is that he is dating and has been for several months a girl from a band but is keeping it quiet for now.