Heath and Michelle: behind the split

Sources close to Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams aren't surprised about the couple's split. "They have been broken up, on and off, since Matilda was born, and tried in many ways to make it work for her sake," says a source close to Ledger. "Matilda will remain their first priority." The day the news of the breakup surfaced, Ledger brought his mini-me to NYC's Children's Museum of Manhattan, and on September 3, Williams and her daughter were spotted at a cafe in Brooklyn. The past year or so has been filled with ups and downs, says a source, as the duo spent "a few months apart and barely spoke." "You'll see them together again," a Ledger source says of the committed parents. "It won't mean they're back on, but they'll be spending time with Matilda."

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Anonymous said...

I'm actually surprised that they even lasted 3 years.

Heath looked miserable with Michelle, her trying to trap him just didn't work. He's been smilling alot since March 2007 since he's got away from her due to conflicting filming schedules, so one must assume that it is Heath who finally broke up with Michelle, because she has looked miserable in all that time, wheras he looked really happy and like the Old Heath we all loved.