Heath press-shy following split

Heath Ledger was looking somber at the Venice film fest today following his split from longtime girlfriend Michelle Williams. At a news conference Tuesday afternoon promoting his new film I'm Not There, an witness described the actor as very quiet while fielding questions from reporters. "He kept his head down a lot and I think he was hoping not to be asked too much," said the onlooker. "He had his hat tipped a little low and didn't really make eye contact with anyone. You could tell he didn't want to be there." The press were only allowed to ask questions about the movie, and didn't question the actor about his recent breakup. "Heath clearly had a lot going on in his head," said the source. "Sometimes he was just staring off to the side, clearly in his own world."


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Michelle is fuglier, I assure you.

He just didnt' want the press asking him personal questions, that's all. The rest of the time he was fine. I've seen all the other photos of Heath in Venice and he is clearly very happy as he has been in all the photos of the past few months.

Michelle, however, has looked miserable these last few months, therefore it is obvious who dumped who. Heath did the dumping.