Lindsay named in divorce papers

A British heiress worth $1.4 billion has started divorce proceedings after reports surfaced that her husband, Dead Stays Alive frontman Tony Allen, had sex with Lindsay Lohan while staying at the Cirque Lodge rehab clinic. According to the Daily Mail, Stephanie Allen, the packaging heiress whose family makes boxes for McDonald's, filed 52 pages worth of divorce papers last week in Savannah, Georgia's Chatham County Court, identifying Lohan as one of the precipitators of the divorce. In the claim, Allen, who is filing for custody of the couple's 8-month-old twins, states that her marriage is "irretrievably broken" and points to Tony's "adultery" and "cruel treatment" as grounds for the split. The papers also accuse the musician of being "guilty of habitual drug addiction." The lawyers to not name Lohan in the actual complaint but they refer to Tony's "conduct and relationship with another woman," and Exhibit A, which is attached to the divorce papers, includes articles claiming Lohan started a relationship with Tony Allen while they were both being treated at the Utah rehab clinic. Lohan's rep insists the allegations are untrue. "It's unfortunate Stephanie Allen is blaming the demise of her marriage on Lindsay," the rep says. "Stephanie needs to look at her marriage to determine the reason why things went wrong because it has nothing to do with Lindsay. Lindsay and Tony are friends and that's all. They are supporting one another through a similar experience. This is a friendship based on trust and mutual support and nothing else."

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