Nicole signs up for alcohol ed.

A six-months-pregnant Nicole Richie has enrolled in a lengthy anti-drinking education program. Papers filed with the Superior Court of California show that Richie signed up for an 18-month anti-drinking driver course, known as the SB 38 Alcohol Program, on Wednesday. SB 38 is for people who have been convicted of DUI on more than one occasion within a 7-year period, the Santa Barbara Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse states on its website. The program consists of 52 hours of group counseling, bi-weekly face-to-face interviews and 12 hours of alcohol education, according to the council. Participants are also encouraged to attend 12-step meetings. Richie was arrested in the early hours of December 11, 2006, after California Highway Patrol officers were alerted to a black Mercedes SUV driving the wrong way on Highway 134. The pregnant starlet was sentenced to four days in jail, fined $2,048 - and forced to sign up for the driving rehab course because she was previously convincted of DUI in June 2003.

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