TV tabloids offers Britney a second chance

The producers of Extra issued a press release Monday offering Britney Spears a chance to redeem herself on national television. From the release:

"EXTRA'S OPEN INVITATION TO BRITNEY SPEARS (Los Angeles - September 10, 2007) - 'Extra' is opening its doors to Britney Spears for a second chance at a comeback. We made the call to Spears this morning, inviting her to perform at 'Extra' on our stage in Los Angeles or in Las Vegas at the Extra Lounge in Planet Hollywood's Hotel and Resort. Britney, come perform Gimme More and show the world what you've got. Our stage is yours...the deal is on the table."



Anonymous said...

Extra is just doing this to make a fool out of Britney. Sorry Extra but your making it seem like it's a "privilege" to perform on your show. You just want to make a story. Britney Spears in going through a rough time right now but lets not forget she's a SUPER STAR. She's doesn't need a gossip show to make a comeback.

Anonymous said...

Why don't Extra get a damn life.There are far more interesting people in the business then this hasbeen.She's done, there is going to be no comeback for this ignorant asshole. She is selfish, nasty and narcissistic, and I'm glad she fell on her face at the VMAs.