Did Ryan's weight gain get him fired?

Why did Ryan Gosling leave the production of The Lovely Bones? A source says the 26-year-old "was fired" because "he just gained too much weight!" A second insider says, "He ate grilled cheese every day." But pigging out reportedly wasn't the only problem. Adds the source, "He drove the hair and wardrobe crew crazy." A DreamWorks rep said of the story, "We have huge respect for Ryan's work. It was truly a case of creative differences, plain and simple."

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Anonymous said...

First of all Ryan had told Peter Jackson he was gaining weight for the role ahead of time. For anyone who's read the novel, the character is described as 20lbs overweight and with a heavy beard. Which is exactly how Ryan Gosling looked. I dunno what Peter Jackson's problem is that except he's an idiot. Especially after hiring Mark "I can't act" Walhberg.