Halle opens up about pregnancy

Halle Berry says she was meant to be a mother - but the 41-year-old Oscar winner has had a tough time getting there. "I'm sort of superstitious, so I saved all of the negative [pregnancy] tests in a drawer," Berry told Oprah of her struggle to get pregnant. "Don't ask! I don't know why, but I did... After about 35 tests, we finally got a positive test." Of the lengthy process, Berry says, "while I was trying to get pregnant, we tried really hard, so it was a lot of staying home and just doing what you do." The actress says of her Canadian model boyfriend, "He's always his authentic self, never worried about being judged... To walk with that kind of confidence...and with integrity, I know he has ability to love me, love our children, and he will do that." Asked about using the word children, Berry explained, "Well, there's just one right now. But we're hoping after this one to do it again."

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