Katie opens up

Katie Holmes opens up about her one-year marriage to Tom Cruise in January's InStyle mag, revealing his biggest turn-on. "Tom likes me in a suit and a mini every now and then. I like it when he likes it. It makes me blush," she told the mag. "He'll say, 'You look good. I hope security's going with you.' Now that gives me attitude." Holmes, 28, said they would "love to" have more kids, but " I'm in no particular rush." When Suri was born in 2006, Cruise, 43, was "by my side the whole time," Holmes said. "I couldn't have asked for a more supportive human being. He had the room ready, candles everywhere, pictures in frames. It was very homey and beautiful." How is their daughter doing at 20 months? "Suri is talking up a storm, running around, so aware," Holmes says. "She loves coloring and creating. She's a great mimic and dancer. She came to the photo shoot and was all into the shoes." Holmes also revealed that she fell in love with Cruise "in an instant." "I still get like that, 'Whew.' When you fall in love, it's as though time stops," she said. "It's all-encompassing. "I try every day to let him know how much I love him," she added. "It gets better and better. It has made my life... I want to go to sleep knowing I made my family happy, I made myself happy, and I worked hard in all aspects of life," she says. "It's really pretty simple."

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