No nudity for Julia

Enjoy seeing Julia Roberts in a bathing suit in her upcoming political drama Charlie Wilson's War (out December 21) because it is unlikely to happen again. Joining the ranks of Brad Pitt, the mother of three now says she prefers not to prance around in the buff on the big screen. “Listen, there's a reason why you don't see me naked me in movies, you don't see me running around in bathing suits in movies," Roberts, 40, told E!'s The Daily 10. "It's just not my thing." (No kidding: Roberts famously used a body double to shoot nude scenes in Pretty Woman.) Separately, interviewer Sal Masekela revealed an obscure fact about the mother of three (who welcomed son Henry in June): she almost shared an on-screen kiss with Don Johnson on Miami Vice. Roberts was once slated to appear on the show as the character Polly Wheeler. She jokingly chastised Masekela for raising the issue: "Do not show a clip!" she pleaded. "Let me tell you something: I was falling ill while in Miami and ended up with spinal meningitis. Got sick down there, the sickest I've ever been in my life. There's a little-known fact."

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