No politics in Brad's future

There will be no “Senator” title in Brad Pitt’s future. Despite the Hollywood heartthrob's dedication to Make It Right, a program Pitt launched to build 150 homes in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, worth $150,000 each, he told Newsweek he is quite happy to stay on the other side of politics. “Not a chance,” Pitt said. “[That’s] the same reason I won’t direct. I don’t think it’s my place. Besides, you can create acts of social disobedience from the outside.” When asked if he thought it was the government’s job to rebuild the houses his organization is focusing on, Pitt said he was glad Make It Right help to put the focus on the continuing troubles of New Orleans for the election season. “It certainly illuminated that a certain portion of society is not being looked after. I think it should be one of the major issues of the upcoming campaign,” he said. “This is a proving ground for so many issues: education, health reform, poverty level, unemployment [and] violence that comes from these conditions.” Despite Pitt’s well-documented love of architecture, the actor is sticking to helping out on aspects other than the design board for the project. “We didn’t want to stifle these minds in any way,” he said. “We put forth the criteria that the housing would have to be sustainable, affordable, safe and beautiful. This has been one of the age-old challenges in architecture: how do you find aesthetics with affordability?” In other Pitt news, the actor said his plans for the holidays are minimal – he’ll be spending it with his family. Just don’t expect any Jolie-Pitt caroling. “I wouldn’t say we have real singing talent in our family,” he said.

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As if he really has an option to be in politics! He is dumber than a stump!