Ryan and Michelle?

Ryan Gosling was photographed last week with "Heroes" cutie Hayden Panettiere, but Tuesday night he only had eyes for Heath Ledger's ex, Michelle Williams. The two had dinner at Piadina and were caught by onlookers having a cozy cigarette outside the West 10th Street eatery. The star of "Lars and the Real Girl" was "smiling and gazing at her," said our witness. Reps for both said they weren't on a date, but just discussing an upcoming film project they're working on together.


Anonymous said...

They worked on a film together some years ago. They are just friends, though Michelle is dying for Heath to think guys could actually like her, which they don't. She's ewwwwww. Always has been and she has such a shit personality, you can just tell, and that's why Heath never married the ho who tried to trap him.

Anonymous said...

I like Michelle, she seems like a down to earth person. She's a good mom to her daughter as well. This isn't the first time it was reported that Ryan was with Michelle. If they are seeing each other good for them. Whether it's personal or a business level, they make a cute couple.