Heath's "Secret Struggles" Revealed in US Weekly

The new US Weekly's cover story features quotes from a "close" source/pal/confidant close to Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams. According to the article, Williams was heartbroken throughout their three year relationship by her boyfriend's abuse of alcohol and drugs, including heroine, cocaine, and unidentified pills.

The article also claims that Williams took Ledger to Promises Treatment Center in California in early 2006, but that he refused to enter, and swore he would change and clean up his act.

Two separate sources also told US Weekly that after their split, Williams insisted that Ledger be drug-tested before his visitations with their 2-year-old daughter Matilda.


Anonymous said...

I'm so disappointed. I thought you said you were not going to post anything further on Heath's death out of respect for him and his family. Yet you've joined in the circus of speculation and fabricated stories. Very very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

I agree this is so sad, it's always after the fact that these things come out when he's no longer here to say anything. Le thim rest in peace.