Rachel Bilson in Lucky Magazine

Check out Rachel Bilson in Lucky Magazine. She showed up for the New York photo shoot wearing an adorably cool outfit of vintage boots, a raglan-sleeved Heart (the band) tee, and chic high-waisted sailor pants with so many buttons that she asked if she could leave them half open during our interview. “I love these so much, but they’re such a pain to get in and out of,” she explained.

This month, the ever-down-to-earth 26-year-old plays the female love interest in Jumper, an action-adventure/sci-fi film in which she performs most of her own stunts. “I had to surrender control and let go of a lot of fears; it had a big impact on my life,” she says. “I’ve noticed even with clothes, I’m more experimental and trying to take risks, but still feel like myself.”

Rachel Bilson has the kind of style that looks immaculate, of-the-moment, and truly effortless—even when there’s a lot of thought behind it. “I’m constantly evolving, figuring out what works in my wardrobe,” says the 26-year-old actress. “My favorite thing about fashion is creative expression and keeping everything a little unexpected.”

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