Paris's BFF Search

Don't worry, Paris and Nicole aren't feuding again, Paris is just realizing that her BFF may have new responsibilities at home, i.e. baby Harlow. So, with Nicole Richie technically out, Paris is looking for a new someone to keep her company.

The heiress and MTV have teamed up to create a reality show that will feature Hilton's search for a sidekick, tentatively called Paris Hilton's My New BFF.

What would it really be like as Hilton's BFF? Well according to the source herself...

"...there's nothing that's really hard," Hilton told PEOPLE at the Hollywood Hills launch party where the series was announced. "I'm going to be in my element in Los Angeles and really showing these women my life, which is completely different than
The Simple Life."

And what is Paris looking for in a BFF?

"Someone that I just trust and not someone who's going to stab me in the back - it's happened a lot in this town. Just someone who I can have fun with, someone who could be like my sister."

Sounds easy enough.

- Erin Dustin


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Anonymous said...

Will there be enough interest in being Paris
to even have a show?

Anonymous said...

There's interest. The best profile is http://parisbff.com/people/Teneisha