The Teens Chose Who Surfed Away With A Win

Miley was the ultimate triple-threat as she performed (in SUCH a cute outfit) slash hosted slash danced-off.

Gossip Girl and the Jo Bros struck gold.

David Beckham shared the award with his boys. (And cutie Cruz danced!)

LC and her Hills are still oh so popular.

Hayden Panettiere screamed with glee, loving her girl power.

Vanessa Hudgens is a hottie. (And obvs. Zac is too!)

Will Smith still rocks the summer screen and the teens know it.

Fergie and her braid looked amazing.

Ed Westwick is TV's best villian. (Chuck Bass - Heart!)

I must say it was a very fun-filled, entertaining evening!

Photo Credit: WireImage

- Erin Dustin

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Melody & Harmony said...

You must put a photograph of Scarlett Johansson because she wore a gorgeous dress.