Tom Cruise Admits He Has Flaws ... Sorta

I went back, and looked at [the interview], and it was interesting. I thought about it a lot. [It concerned] a subject matter that's important. It's something that's been debated in the public, and that's what it should be. [But that's] not as I intended. In looking at myself, I came across as arrogant ... I didn't communicate it in a way I wanted to communicate. Also, that's not the way I am. That's not the person I am." - Tom Cruise addresses his previous interview with Matt Lauer three years ago on the Today Show.

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Anonymous said...

Tom did not come across as arrogant. He came across as adamant and serious. The problem is that Matt Lauer should know more about the subject and not have made light of it.

However, Tom may have seemed slightly annoyed with Matt which is fine except the mainstream media is on a mission to distract the masses with fluff and propaganda. Reality is not the business they are in. Tom was imparting some truth and reality that is alien to the mainstream media. That was the real shocker. No one was prepared to accept reality. They are used to a steady influx of fluff crammed into every television-enveloped moment of their lives.

No apologies needed, Tom. But it was big of you to step up and offer a solution. Oprah and Matt have yet to be so big in apologizing for their inadequate and delayed reactions. Matt seemed mummified and Oprah snuck over to other outlets to whine about her much more valuable couches that Tom graced with his presence.

Communication is a two-way street. Matt should have stepped up and explored Tom's mind rather than fight to preserve the propaganda to enrich Big Pharma and Rumsfeld's
investements in Big Pharma.

Tom's only mistake in his interview with Matt and Oprah was in caring and that's no mistake at all.

Exotic Goddess