Jon and Kate Are Getting Divorced

Jon and Kate Gosselin from TLC’s reality TV series Jon and Kate Plus 8 have officially announced that they're getting divorced! They have been married for 10 years, and have been shaky for the past six months. Both have agreed that it is best for their children. Jon says, “It's not good for us to be arguing in front of the kids.” There has been a whole lot of publicity around their troubled relationship, but the announcement was comes as a shock. They have thought it all out and are still carrying on with the show, just parenting at different times. The kids will still live at home, since the house was bought for them.

Kate was very upset and apparently sobbed, and said "Parents of multiples have triple the divorce rate ... I was thinking we were going to beat that.” Yet, she was the one to make the first legal move. When they announced their divorce on the show, she had already called a lawyer. This is the first reality show that is going to air while the divorce is going on!

They seemed like the perfect family! The show is going to be so different now!

- Aanchal

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