Angelina's press conference

Angelina Jolie held a press conference in India to discuss her current project: A Might Heart. The actress began the conference by stating, "We have been avoiding the press since we landed in India, but the only reason was that we had a lot of work to do," and then requesting that the press ask questions pertaining to the film only. "We need to tell the story of Daniel Pearl, and the reason we are making this film is because it is very important to have a dialogue between two cultures," Jolie said. "I had the blessings of Daniel Pearl's family to play this role." When asked whether she is finding the role of Marianne Pearl difficult, the Tomb Raider actress said, "When you are in the middle of making a film, you always think that. Playing her role is certainly challenging for me, as I have to make the world understand this woman and her family... She has every reason to be embittered and angry about what happened to her husband and her, but she is very positive and has nothing against Pakistan." The only personal question asked allowed Jolie to deny the rumors that she and Brad Pitt are looking to adopt an Indian baby.

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