Nick's in love again

Nick Lachey has fallen in love with Vanessa Minnillo - and he's talking about it on stage. "Damn it, Vegas, I fell in love again!" the singer said at a recent concert in Vegas. Following his split nearly a year ago from Jessica Simpson, Lachey began quietly dating the TRL host about seven months ago, and the couple recently celebrated their shared birthday. A source revealed that Minnillo commissioned a portrait of four generations of Lachey men for his birthday, saying, "It's based on one of Nick's favorite family pictures."



Anonymous said...

Give yourself some time dude; you need time for just to reflect.

Anonymous said...

If Vanessa gave Nick a thoughtful gift like this ,it shows that she's a great girlfriend who obviuosly listens to her man, and wanted to get him something that he probably told her was very important to him, as oppossed to a big shiny usless item that will go out of style in two months. Or some gift that is all show, and no substance. I hope that if it is what they both want, these two fall will fall in love, and have a great relationship!!!

Anonymous said...

thats messed up. you're hot, but vanessa can jut go to hell