L-Lo has the hardest-working publicist in Hollywood

Lindsay Lohan's publicist has slammed the media for making light of the letter Lohan wrote to the Altman family after hearing of director Robert Altman's death. (Go here for excerpts of the letter). The e-mail letter was described by one paper as "alarmingly incoherent," while another newspaper cruelly asked, "Had she been on one of her legendary party benders? Or was this Exhibit A for the indictment of America's education system?" Leslie Sloane defended her client, saying, "When I got the reports that he had died, I reached Lindsay on her cell phone, and she had no idea. She was devastated. She started crying. She quickly put something together on her BlackBerry... Here was a girl who found something special in this man that she felt so close to. And she was completely shocked and blown away that he just died. It was written very quickly and it was from the heart." You have to admit, this girl just can't catch a break.

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Wilds said...

God I hate that stupid drunk!