Spederline update

In the wake of her split from Kevin Federline, Britney Spears is reportedly offering up photos of her two-month-old son Jayden James for free. Sources say Spears is looking for a prestige publication such as Vanity Fair rather than her former go-to mag, People, to print the shots in the hopes of revamping her image in the manner of the TomKat/Suri Cruise spread. The popstar isn't going for cash this time around because of a clause in her pre-nup which guarantees that Kevin Federline gets any proceeds from photos.

Meanwhile, there is a story circulating that KFed had been in divorce talks with his lawyer for over a month before Britney Spears beat him to the punch and filed papers on Tuesday. Sources say Federline had been speaking to an attorney about his best chances at a lucrative financial settlement in the split. TMZ is reporting that the couple has been communicating by e-mail only for weeks, but that Federline did not hear of the divorce via a text message, as widely speculated, instead learning the news at the time the story broke in the media that Spears had filed the papers.

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Idiot boy, get a financial planner, today.