Kid Rock sounds like a real jerk

Pam Anderson spoke about her recent split from Kid Rock on the Howard Stern show, and says Rock is "absolutely lying" about Anderson partying all the time. The Playboy cover girl told Stern that the divorce has been "stomach churning" for her and Rock's accusation that she "was never home with the kids" is the most upsetting part. "I was in Vancouver doing a movie three days a week, and I would come home for the four-day weekend to be with my kids," Anderson said. "My mom and dad were here and Kid was in Detroit making an album, and they were looking after his son, too." And about the reports that Rock was upset about Anderson's role in Borat, the Baywatch actress said, "He was unhappy about that. I don't know why - you'd have to ask him - but he was really unhappy about that."

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