Blood Diamond star considers African adoption

Jennifer Connelly spent some time at an orphanage in Sierra Leone while filming Blood Diamond and was desperate to adopt a child, but her relationship with her nine-year-old son Kai prevented her. "We absolutely considered adopting," Connelly says. "We have a son who went through a separation of his parents and then a new stepfather and a new sibling. He's had a lot of change so of course I really have to be sensitive to him... One of the kids I became close to was older than him. What would that mean to my family? Would my son feel displaced, all of a sudden having an older sibling who didn't speak the language and would need so much more time and attention?... These are all concerns of mine and reasons why I didn't come home with a child even though, believe me, I would call Paul [Bettany] at night when he was away. I'd say, 'There's this baby and I don't know what to do and I love him so much and if I leave him here he might die.' It's complicated, but we are still considering."

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That has to be hard to be in that position, working with those kids, not knowing what you can really do to significantly help them.