Drew's light heart

Drew Barrymore talked to Harper's Bazaar about love, work and play in an issue to hit newstands on January 16. After dating Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti for five years, Barrymore says, "Don't take love and your relationship so g-ddamned heavy all the time. Laugh, laugh, laugh!... You need to reinvent your relationship if you want to continue being together. Right now I'm in a phase of 'I'm not even your girlfriend. I'm your best friend who is madly in love with you.' I'm really interested in watching him right now. The longest I've ever been with someone was like two to three years, so I'm in uncharted waters." On her body, the Charlie's Angels star admits, "I am constantly battling my weight. I want to eat whatever I want and get away with it, but I can't. I want to wear whatever I want, but I can't." On working with Hugh Grant in her next flick, Music and Lyrics, Barrymore says, "Hugh makes me laugh so hard. He's such an odd bird, and I love him so much for it." The actress hopes to work with Sacha Baron Cohen of Borat, claiming, "I like smart, weird, funny and sharp. The guys I had crushes on growing up were Ted Koppel and David Letterman." When asked to give advice to Lindsay Lohan, she said, "I know Lindsay, and I like her very much... You just have to try to be as graceful as you can. You know, you flub, you flub. And that's life... I think, do what you want, but just be professional."

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LOL wow drew giving relationship advice. what a joke!!!!!!