Britney's manager does damage control

Britney Spears's manager is out doing damage control for his client, telling USA Today, "She understands what's going on right now, and she calls it her 'rocky moment.' Britney knows exactly what she needs to do. She's taking all the right steps. Britney Spears will be back and absolutely at the top of the entertainment industry very soon." Her rep is aware that Spears's behavior since announcing her divorce has turned away more than a few fans. "From what they've been seeing and hearing, I understand the disappointment," he says. "But Britney is increasingly motivated to get out there. She sees this as a challenge, that some fans may be questioning her. She is respectful. She sees this as her challenge to win them back." In the wake of rumors that Spears's record company is not happy with what they've heard so far of her new album and the closing of one of the popstar's biggest fan sites a few weeks ago, praise for the singer has definitely been in short supply of late, but her rep says Spears's divorce can be seen as "a sign to fans that she's serious" about a career comeback. "She's real excited," he says.


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful news that her career is in the slide. This talentless, extremely ugly exhibitionist has been boring us with her body parts for way too long. I'm looking foreward to seeing her earning a living on those infomercials from now on. Good bye Britney and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Avril, is that you?

Anonymous said...

Britney was smuggled out early because she had to be somewhere. She went to a committment ceremony..it was hers and Paris's .
It has been said Brit will be on another reality show....well it is because Ms Ritchie didn't like the fact that Paris wants to marry agirl...so it will be Brit and Paris next season on "a simple life