Is Marilyn Manson having a midlife crisis?

Friends of shock rocker Marilyn Manson are concerned about his reported relationship with actress Evan Rachel Wood. "It's like he's having a midlife crisis," said a source. "He's with a younger version of Dita." Reps for Manson and Wood have declined to comment, but the source claims things are heating up between the couple, with Wood giving Manson "a live scorpion in a cage" for his 38th birthday, and wearing "her hair and makeup done like Dita." Manson's estranged wife, Dita Von Teese, filed for divorce on December 29, and Wood was a fixture at the rocker's side at his January 5 birthday party.

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Anonymous said...

I would be surprise if this man wasn't having a crisis of some sort!
I don't understand the women that date him!? Do they like dating drag queens. Who wants to date a guy who spends more time in the mirror than them, perfecting his makeup.
In reality, I think Marilyn is a very insecure man who hates the way he looks naturally, so he piles on the makeup, and tries to pass it off as art. In reality he would like to be a woman, to have a sex change, but just doesn't have the courage yet to do it, so he instead he plays dress up, and passes it off to the world as rebellion.