Life imitating art for Sienna

Life may have imitated art a little too closely in Sienna Miller's preparation for the role Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick in the much-hyped film Factory Girl. An article in a British paper reported, "Her friends say...her life was in danger of spiraling out of control. They say she adopted Edie's mannerisms on and off the set, dieted ruthlessly to attain her painfully thin appearance while still drinking freely, and flirted with Sedgwick's dissolute lifestyle, socializing with Warhol proteges who are known drug-takers." The film's producer may have denied the claims, saying, "It's ridiculous. There's no way she could have shot this in 27 days if she had been like that. She was being Edie, but being Edie in a responsible way," but Miller herself told Esquire mag, "For maybe two months after we wrapped, I was still running around and acting a little bit crazy, like I was still in character... It's really quite fun being Edie Sedgwick."

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