JT & Cammie's afterparty spat

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake reportedly had a heated run-in at a Golden Globes afterparty on Monday night. Diaz is said to have flown into a jealous rage when she spotted Timberlake chatting with Jessica Biel. The Illusionist actress stepped away while Diaz and Timerlake had a forty minute argument, after which Timberlake "slammed his fist into a cabinet," according to a witness. "If that's how she wants to get him back, it won't work," said an insider. "She's desperate." Meanwhile, the SexyBack singer is allegedly seeing Scarlett Johansson after Timberlake hand-picked the Scoop actress to star in his What Goes Around video. "They're just having fun," says a friend of the potential couple.


Anonymous said...

I guess she figures she can bully Justin into getting back together with her. She should take up with Rosie because they are both bitches and bullies. They would make a nice pair.

Anonymous said...

Okay Cameron, time to move on to the big boys. Why do you want to spend your time with this little boy. Why don't you look for someone your age so you can truly be happy and content. Or do you want to look like Demi and Ashton (can you visualize 5 to 7 years from now) it's not going to be a pretty site for Grandma Demi and Baby Face Ashton ....... so get the lead out Camie, before it's too late.

hatunlar said...

everything is over.