L-Lo gives an interview from rehab

Lindsay Lohan gave an interview only hours after checking in at the Wonderland Center rehab facility in LA. "I'm doing so great, thanks," she told OK! mag. "I'm fine. Nothing to worry about. Thank you so much for checking in, I do appreciate it... I'm actually watching American Idol at the moment and laughing so hard!" Lohan's mother has also given an interview since her daughter committed to rehab, saying, "This is a wonderful, giant step she'd taking and it's all good. Hollywood's a really, really scary place and everything is under control... Everything's great and she's just getting a grip on her life. When I was 20 I don't know that I would be that strong to do that, so it's all good." Lohan will stay at the clinic for a week or two, according to her mom, before continuing treatment on an outpatient basis. Work on Lohan's next film, I Know Who Killed Me, has been temporarily suspended until the actress is ready to return. "Then she'll pick up the film again and start working and have someone with her and all is good," said her mom. "As a parent I couldn't be more pleased and proud."

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yeah, whatever. i ike her at all.