Oprah reveals she lost a child at 14

Oprah Winfrey reveals in the new issue of O mag that she lost a child at the age of 14. Winfrey was prompted to go public with the story after a family member sold the story to the National Enquirer. According to the talk show host's best friend, Gayle King, Winfrey spent a weekend sobbing in bed after discovering the betrayal. At age fourteen, Winfrey gave birth to a baby after years of sexual abuse and its resulting "sexual promiscuity." Born prematurely, the baby died shortly after birth. "She didn't really know who the father was of this child...and hid the pregnancy for a very long time," says King. "It was a secret that she carried for many years because she was very ashamed." The media mogul now says, "Having the secret out was liberating. Not until then could I begin the repair work on my spirit for the sexual abuse and damage done to me as a young girl."

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this is such old news.....I think she told her audience this 10 years ago!