Oprah's Oscar special

Move over, Barbara Walters. Oprah Winfrey is set to host an Academy Awards special featuring Oscar winners Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Jamie Foxx doing interviews with other Oscar-winning actors of their choice. The special is scheduled to air on February 22, the Thursday before the big awards show. Roberts will interview George Clooney, Kidman will talk with Russell Crowe, and Foxx has chosen to interview the legendary Sidney Poitier.

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Anonymous said...

I just have to comment.
Sidney Poitier is a magnificent man. I first saw him when I was a teenager in "To Sir with Love".
I thought what a magnificent man in every sense of the word.
Today at 59, I still feel that way everytime I see him.
Be proud of yourself as so many of us are of you.
All I can say is "What a MAN"
Margaret Ann Gill.