Posh and Becks on the move

It's official - Victoria and David Beckham will be moving to LA later this year. The soccer star has signed on to play with the LA Galaxy team in a deal worth "several hundred million dollars over five years," according to a Beckham insider. "They are very excited at the challenge. For David this means taking the game on to a new level. This is massive." Becks has also opened a soccer school in California and a family friend says, "They both love Los Angeles. It will be good for their careers, they adore the lifestyle, the weather and it would be brilliant for their boys."


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Anonymous said...

We've heard this ol' song and dance before.(Insert player's name) is gonna come to N. America and re-juvenate soccer.

Right, an' some mamby-pamby, twelve-year old sounding girl/ metrosexual is the answer?

Otis Rail