Britney "a sick little girl," says her dad

Britney Spears's father spoke to Fox News on Thursday and said the problems faced by his daughter are "not about what other people think." Jamie Spears, who spoke to the press from his home in Louisiana, also said he and Spears's mom are "concerned about our daughter," who he described as "a sick little girl." "We're just trying to take care of her," he said. Spears's manager also spoke to the press today, but gave no details about his client other to confirm that she has returned to the Promises rehab facility in Malibu. Kevin Federline has disputed claims he called for an emergency custody hearing in LA, saying someone had contacted a Superior Court spokesperson and fabricated the story. Federline and his lawyer insist they never filed court papers requesting a hearing. "Kevin continues to be a very focused father with his children with hands-on management," said KFed's lawyer in a statement.


Anonymous said...

Daddy's sick little girl was shoved into the limelight as a very young child. I'm just sayin'.

Jeremy said...

I hope their concern is genuine and not based on the fact the family finances will take a hit should Britney's breakdown become permanent.

Anonymous said...

take care britney i hope u get better soon. Ppl she has had a rough time and we should all wish her well.