Britney snubbed at fashion show

It seems Britney Spears isn't on the A-list for top designers looking to dress celebs. The popstar reportedly requested a purse at a Heatherette fashion show, but was turned down by heiress-model Lydia Hearst. Spears asked for the bag with a promise to carry it to her front-row runway seat at the Heatherette show, where it would be photographed, but when her request was declined, the popstar was a no-show at the event. "I'm only giving the bag to accomplished young women who are doing something positive to affect the world around them," Hearst said. "They are women I look up to and respect, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker and Anne Hathaway. They share the same high standards of giving back to the communities in which they live." Spears's rep denies the claims.

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Kiki T said...

Lydia Hearst is NOT a Designer!! Please give me a break she is an over payed model who really is just a celebutante like Paris Hilton. Ohh the rejection!!