Britney's paparazzi freak-out

ETOnline has posted these pics of Britney Spears losing it with the paparazzi last night outside Kevin Federline's house (and who can blame her, really). Spears was likely hoping to see her two sons, who were holed up inside with their dad - who refused to answer the door to the popstar. Spears reportedly spent about 45 minutes outside the house before being picked up by her mom and eventually taken back to rehab.

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Lilac said...

Everyone should be giving Kevin Federline the benefit of the doubt these days. The guy didn't deserve to be skewered by the press the way he was. Let's face it, no one really knows the intricacies of a marriage except the couple themselves.

As for the purported settlement offers, has anyone considered that Federline may well genuinely love his family and simply refuses to be "bought out" of his boys' lives by his soon-to-be ex-wife.

And about a Britney "comeback" -- that should be the very last thing on her agenda. She should drop out of the spotlight for at least a year, or however long it takes, to become healthy of mind, body and spirit, for her own sake as well as her children. They deserve no less.