Jimmy Fallon to fill Conan's shoes

Wonder who will replace Conan O'Brien in the 12:35 talk show slot when O'Brien takes the Tonight Show helm from Jay Leno in a few years? The lucky contestant might just be...Jimmy Fallon. Fallon is currently in talks with NBC to sign a "holding" deal - one that would make any TV appearances the SNL alum makes exclusive to the network. One insider said the deal might include a chance at hosting "Late Night," though the seat is by no means guaranteed. Carson Daly would reportedly also like to be considered for the gig. "Anything can still happen here," said a source close to Fallon. "This is deal about bringing Jimmy back to NBC. But he could have a hit movie and not want to jump back into television." I think he might be a good choice, actually.

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Jeremy said...

He's got to learn to stop laughing at his own jokes first. If he would stop thinking he was the funniest guy in the room, he might do ok.