Pre-rehab Britney in a borrowed bikini

New details have emerged about Britney Spears's pre-rehab afternoon at the Mondrian Hotel. Us mag is reporting that the popstar arrived at the hotel early Saturday morning, just hours after shaving her head. Spears allegedly had no credit cards or cash and was denied a room - so she stripped to bra and panties and set herself up by the pool. "It was sad," a source told the mag. "It looked like she really needed a friend." Close to noon, Spears (in a wig and hat) struck up a conversation with a girl in the pool bathroom, who offered the loan of a bikini. After changing in the girl's room, Spears reportedly "grabbed four or five bottles" out of the minibar "and just started mixing everything and drinking them," according to the insider.

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Maggie said...

Big deal. Okay so Britney Spears is human and makes mistakes just like everybody else. People just LOVE it when Britney screws up because it makes them feel good about themselves. Thats how petty and pathetic people can be. I wish Britney all the best, she is a mom going through some very hard times and her kids need her. Everywhere on forums and blogs I see people putting her down. To the losers who diss her left right and centre; perhaps you should have a good long look at your own pathetic life and problems and start tending to your own flaws rather then point out the problems of someone whom who don't even know personally.