So much for the stay-at-home mom idea

Just days after publicly announcing she planned to stay at home to help adopted son Pax adjust to his new life, Variety is reporting that Angelina Jolie is scheduled to begin work overseas on a new film in May. Jolie will play a killer in the action thriller Wanted, which will shoot in Eastern Europe and co-star Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy.


Anonymous said...

Actually Jennifer Aniston is set to star in that movie. Ironic no?

Anonymous said...

LOL, different "Wanted" movie. I thought the same thing till I went to imdb.com. That would have been ridiculous, especially after the whole "A Might Heart" fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it appears Jennifer's "Wanted" film was made in 2005, and Angie's "Wanted" film is set to start shooting ths summer.

Are they trying to compete with each other..? Ironic indeed.