Britney finally pulls it together

Thanks to the ever-present paparazzi, we've all been watching Britney Spears shape up since leaving rehab a few weeks ago. "After all the negative stuff, she's getting back to her 'fighting weight,'" says one of the popstar's business associates. And a bystander was wowed to see Spears's new svelt bod as she shopped in Bel Air last week, saying, "She looked totally healthy and beautiful. and her legs are awesome." How's she doing it? The old fashioned way, according to her rep, who says, "She's working out, eating right and enjoying life." The popstar has been using dance as a workout, visiting LA's Millennium Dance Complex nearly every day in the past few weeks. "I hear she's taking care of herself," says longtime friend Lance Bass. "She's definitely getting her life back in order."

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Anonymous said...

She makes me sick, why don't she go home to her kids...... oh, she paid off K-fed to keep her kids!