"Supergirl" story a load of rubbish

Looks like the story that circulated earlier this week about Brad Pitt lamenting all the press attention he and partner Angelina Jolie get to a journalist at the Roosevelt Hotel is just that - a story. In an article in the British Daily Mail on Monday, the author claims he chatted up Pitt while the actor swilled a beer and waited for friends at the trendy Hollywood hotel. Pitt is quoted as calling tabloid stories "rubbish" and describing Jolie as "Supergirl." Pitt's rep, however, says the "interview" never happened, and that his client wouldn't use British slang or refer to Jolie as "Supergirl." TMZ.com tried repeatedly to get in touch with the story's creator, but he didn't respond to requests to explain his side of the tale.

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Anonymous said...

Comparing her to Supergirl? I can see a resmeblance. Maybe Pitt has a comic girl fetish?