JLo to produce musical miniseries

Jennifer Lopez is continuing her foray into the world of television with a five-hour musical miniseries. The project, "La Flor Palida," will feature music from Lopez's new Spanish-language album and is set to begin production in Mexico City in May. "She had an idea to create a miniseries in the old grand style of things like The Thorn Birds, but using the words in the music to drive the narrative," said the singer's manager. "There are some autobiographical elements," he added of the story, which revolves around a movie star who is constantly in the public eye. "[The lead character] gets caught in a scandal and ends up running from her boyfriend and meeting up with an old friend from her past." Lopez, whose Dance Life reality show aired on MTV earlier this year, will not act in the project, but will sing a song from her album at the end of each episode.

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